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Grass Seed



Kentucky #31
Gulf Rye Grass
Titan Turf Type
Kitty Hawk Turf Type
Creeping Red Fescue
Centipede Seed
Zoysia Seed
Bermuda Seed


10-10-10 All Season


Other as Requested




St. Augustine


note Grass Tip: HGTV Grass Seed Estimator: In sowing grass seed the chief aim is to provide for an even distribution of seed over the lawn area. The seed may be sown by hand, or with a hand-operated seeder, or with a mechanical seeder mounted on wheels. Before you begin to sow, you'll need to know how much seed is necessary for your planned lawn. And, you'll want to prepare the soil for optimum growing conditions.

UGA: Planting Dormant Sod
UGA: Establishing Lawns - Planting
UGA: Fact Sheets: From weed issues, to disease and insects.

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